Sixth went: Sony has appointed a new director for the film Uncharted

The long-suffering film adaptation of Uncharted has already lost five directors, and last week Sony found another


What is known

Travis is the new director, according to Deadline.Knight, who worked on Bumblebee and Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai." Thanks to the latter, Knight won the award for “Best Animated Feature” from the British Academy Film Awards in 2017. The director replaces Dan Trachtenberg, who was responsible for 10 Cloverfield and Portal: Nowhere to Run. In turn, Trachtenberg came after the departure of Shawn Levy, director of Night at the Museum. Before them, David Owen Russell, Seth Gordon and Neil Burger worked on the film.

Production on the film will begin in early 2020.It will be based on a script written by Art Marcuma, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins. Viewers will be told the story of young Nathan Drake, and Tom Holland will play the leading role. Estimated release date is December 18, 2020.