Skai can become the first flying taxi on environmentally friendly fuel.

The Alaka’i company presented the Skai flying taxi, which will run on hydrogen fuel, which is usually

used only in ground transport.

What is known

Skai will be able to fly for up to four hours.distance of 640 km without environmental damage or long downtime, refueling in less than 10 minutes. It will carry up to five people or a total weight of 450 kg.

The six-engine design was developed in collaboration with BMW Designworks. Subtly curved windows continue to the roof, providing passengers with a wide range of views.

The company is already planning to test the device, but beforereal flights must approve the project. CEO Steve Hanvey said it will be a decade or more before flying taxis are in widespread use. But we will be able to see alternative uses for the technology, such as air ambulances and cargo transport.

Let us remind you that this month the German startup Lilium has already tested a flying taxi, which they want to launch in 2025.

The new mode of transport will allow for longer trips over longer distances and possibly reduce traffic congestion.