Skin-On - a creepy “leather” gadget case that responds to stroking, tickling and tweaking

One day, Mark Tessier, a specialist from the Paris Technological University, came up with a brilliant idea

idea.Her genius is evidenced by the circumstances in which this idea came to Mark’s head: he wanted to pinch his smartphone. It’s unclear why, but the fruit of this fantasy was the “smart” case for Skin-On gadgets.

What it is

At first glance, this is something creepy. From the second - too. The fact is that the case is made of artificial leather, which looks creepy and really resembles human skin in feel.

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The case is made of two layers of silicone, between which there are elastic wires. The top layer of silicone imitates the epidermis, and the bottom layer is rougher and gives this “something” shape.

What is it for?

In addition to the external similarity, such a case asand skin, is able to respond to touches and transmit them to the gadget. It recognizes spanking, stroking, tickling, pinching, etc. In this way, the user can convey their emotions: pressing hard for anger, stroking for comfort, tapping for attention. The result is an emotional intimacy between a person and a device (it seems that Mark really missed it).

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This case can be put on a smartphone, used instead of a touchpad on a laptop or a strap for a smart watch. In addition, with the help of Skin-On you can interact with robots.

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In the future, they want to make the “skin” more realistic and add hair and temperature.