Skybound Games has released Battle Royale pro cars

NMC Studios and the company Skybound Games launched the royal battle notmycar into early access.

What is known

Notmycar - game for

those who are tired of the usual battle royals and wantsomething new. It differs in that the player drives not a man, but a car with a weapon. Of course, you can customize your own transport by unlocking skins. And those who play until April 12, will receive a coloring of the "founder".

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The card is designed for 40-75 players, and afterthe end of early access number will increase to 100 participants. Presumably release version is scheduled in six months. During this time, developers need to fix the flaws and generally improve the game, but for now it is quite raw. Players complain of poor sound, optimization and unresponsive management. But if the creators work well on these problems, Notmycar would be a good alternative for those who are tired of classic royal battles.

Download Notmycar for free and try it out yourself on the Steam page.