SkyGuardian shock drone tested in common airspace

The MQ-9B SkyGuardian military drone belongs to the mid-altitude class and was developed on the basis of the MQ-9 Reaper, which since 2007

years is in service with the US Air Force,

SkyGuardian is able to stay in the air up to 35hours, but so far flies rather slowly - the cruising speed of the drone at an altitude of 7.5 thousand meters is 388 km / h. For comparison, the standard speed of the Boeing 747 is 870 km / h.

The drone is also equipped with an anti-icing system and an air collision avoidance system, as well as an improved infrared camera.

Testing of the device took place on April 3 - deviceflew from the city of Palmdale in southern California towards Yuma in Arizona. During testing, engineers tested the performance of the collision avoidance system.

How much time the drone spent in the air is not reported. It is only known that the tests were considered successful.

Earlier SkyGuardian became the first in historya mid-altitude drone that has completely crossed the Atlantic. The aircraft in 24 hours 2 minutes covered the distance from the base in North Dakota to Gloucestershire in the UK.