Skyrim fan made a character in the game

Enthusiasts are working on a modification for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, in which one of the characters in the game will be

"The grandmother who plays Skyrim." This is Shirley Curry, a YouTube blogger and streamer.

A video was posted on YouTube showingShirley character. The fact that grandmother appears in her favorite game became known back in the spring. Now the woman is 83 years old, and she has been streaming Skyrim for four years.

Shirley will be one of the companions in the gameprotagonist. Grandma agreed to the development of the modification, and she also voiced her character. With Shirley, you can perform unique tasks. She is a classic barbarian in light armor and with two-handed weapons. Also uses a bow and arrow.

It is reported that the mod with Shirley will be available for the classic version of Skyrim and for the Special Edition. An exit is expected at the beginning of this year.