Slavic action is here: Wargaming has released Pagan Online into Steam Early Access

Wargaming and Mad Head Games announced the launch of the action-RPG Pagan Online into early access.

What is known

According to

developers, gamers are waiting for short,but intense gaming sessions, eight playable characters and a story campaign in the setting of Slavic mythology. Five game modes were also introduced into Pagan Online: daily assignments and events, missions, hunting, and elimination. Gamers who like to do things themselves will be able to accumulate resources and create weapons in the crafting machine.

All characters will be allowed to upgrade.In addition, the more heroes a player unlocks and improves, the higher the level of his account will be and the more new challenges and rewards he can receive. The developers have also added a Legacy points system, which will allow you to level up your characters faster, opening up new challenges and rewards.

“We're going to bring action back to Action RPG.At the same time, we would like to avoid the “visionary trap” and not make a game that will only be understood 30 years later and included in textbooks. We want lots of people to enjoy Pagan Online now. And in order to successfully balance between visions of the future and the reality of today, we need direct communication with players,” said Yaropolk Rush, director of publishing at Pagan Online.

Pagan Online is already available on Steam and on PC, and for the standard edition the developers are asking 600 hryvnia. A full release is planned before the end of 2019.