Smart cameras will stop a wind turbine if they spot a bird from the Red Book

Even though wind farms are popular sources of green energy, they have several

major disadvantages: increased sound background, deforestation, vibration, driving out animals living underground, as well as the death of birds and bats.

Birds of prey that fly andlook down for food, not in front of them. As a result, the likelihood of collision, for example, of eagles with wind turbine blades is higher than, say, of a sparrow. In addition, the wind turbine creates a low pressure zone next to it. When a bird enters it, it immediately dies of hemorrhage.

However, artificialintelligence. IdentiFlight smart cameras tracking flying objects will be able to pause turbines if, after classification, it recognizes a bird in the sky. Tests of such cameras have already taken place at the American Top of the World power plant, located in Wyoming.

Cameras have reduced the mortality of eagles in the area where theywere installed by 82%. The IdentiFlight database contains over 47 million bird images, including protected species. This makes the cameras efficient enough. Of course, the death of all birds cannot be prevented, but AI will help keep protected species and large predators alive. It only takes a few seconds to locate a bird.

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