Smart clothing controlled from a smartphone

Open floor plans are almost ubiquitous in modern offices, and for many employees this is a

a real nightmare.The fact is that the temperature preferences of each employee are purely individual, and the microclimate in a large room is the same for everyone. It’s not for nothing that air conditioners are almost the main topic and cause of all kinds of conflicts between employees in offices around the world. And how can you not begin to dream of such clothes, such material, which, depending on external temperature conditions, as well as the level of body heat, could adapt, regulating the temperature by retaining heat or dissipating it.

Space blanket

Researchers at the University of Irvine thatCalifornia has developed a technology that embodies the dreams of many people suffering from temperature changes in the environment. Specialists were inspired by a space blanket or reflective material often used by marathon runners right after the race. So, scientists have created their own version of the magical material with reflective properties, but ... he knows how to change them, that is, he is able to lower the level of heat reflection or increase.

One smart layer

Instead of stretching, and then removing the setlayers of clothes to change the temperature of the body, it is better to use a single layer, but smart. The developed material with dynamic properties will allow you to adjust the temperature with only one layer of clothing, one item (shirt, sweatshirt, and so on). And for ease of management and adjustment of clothing can be connected to a smartphone. In this case, the properties of the clothes will change with one touch to the display of the smartphone.

Basically, the material can be anythingit can have properties and act like a normal space blanket, simply reflecting most of the heat back towards the body. But if the owner (the user of smart clothes) gets hot, then the material, after giving the appropriate command, expands, stretches, opens, giving away the accumulated heat to maintain the temperature at a comfortable level. Created an innovative material on the infamous nano-technology. The material is coated with nanostructured metal, which is fixed on a special elastic polymer substrate. When the nanostructure of the metal is relaxed, it reflects almost all the heat back to the body. But when the material is stretched, the nano-points break up and no longer represent the whole reflective surface. The polymer base is exposed, and the heat begins to flow freely. The material can change its state many times, even several thousand cycles and more.


Despite the fact that the material is still at the stagerefinement, the researchers are confident that the brainchild will find application in many areas. The idea is really working, there is a prototype, it works, and all the declared parameters are in place, so special clothes will definitely be made of this material. In addition, tourist tents, awnings and other components for space equipment and technology. By the way, this material can be used with great efficiency in construction - no better insulation can be found. It will be cool in summer, and in winter it is always warm. In general, the material will work wherever it is necessary to control the processes of heat generation. Scientists hope that the commercialization of their development will take place as quickly as possible. We are waiting for new smart clothes, managed through a smartphone.