Smart fabric has learned to adapt to changes in body temperature

Now many researchers are trying to create smart fabric that helps remove heat and moisture from

body when its temperature rises - for example, when playing sports. However, existing materials are not able to adapt to changes in temperature, and constantly act in the same way.

Researchers led by Yu Huang Wangcreated a fabric that changes its capacity under intense loads. The material consists of multiple fibers, based on two fused fibers of cellulose and triacetate, and covered with a layer of carbon nanotubes.

When the temperature affecting the fabric rises, the fibers shrink, and their infrared radiation spectrum approaches that of the human body.

Previously, engineers from the University of MassachusettsAmherst created a charge storage device that can be easily sewn into any clothes. The device will extend the work of wearable devices, such as biosensors for health monitoring or smart watches.