Smart Game Booster - an indispensable tool for gamers

Among our audience of the site there are a huge number of fans of computer games. And just for them today

there will be an overview of the most useful software -Smart Game Booster programs. Who, if not you, knows what it is like to be fired by a computer game and at the same time experience constant problems with the game process (freezes, lags, overheating, etc.). The Game Booster utility was created specifically to solve such difficulties and provide you with the most comfortable game. Right now we will analyze the main features of this program and tell you how to use it.

Smart game booster

Here is the so-called optimizerWindows operating system, which is able to analyze system processes in the background and close them or pause the action if they do not have global significance in a given period of time. In other words, Smart Game Booster can shut down the background process for a while or suspend unnecessary Windows services in order to maximize computer performance while playing games and other applications.

In addition, the developers of Smart Game Boostertaught this tool also to optimize RAM, disks and startup items. Moreover, the program provides the ability in real time to monitor the temperature of the processor, GPU, motherboard and fan speed, plus information about FPS will be displayed in games.

If you try to keep all the parameters described oncontrol with the program, then it is easy to achieve maximum system optimization, which means that all processes and system tasks that were useless at that time will be completed, an increased number of system resources will be available, more RAM will be used, because it will be cleared.

How to use the program?

Smart Game Booster is available forfree download. After downloading, you must install it on your computer and run it. Please note that in the main window of the program you will see the top panel, which contains the sections Boost, Metrics, Drivers, Utilities. Let's start in order ...

In the Boost tab, you can achieve maximum system optimization, complete current tasks of little importance, clear RAM, which can be clogged

Further, in the Metrics masonry, you canreal-time monitoring of processor temperature. Smart Game Booster can monitor and display the temperature of your equipment, including the temperature of the processor, GPU, motherboard, as well as the fan speed, as well as the FPS value when you are in the game. Always keep the FPS value above 60 at normal temperature.

Smart Game Booster allows you to run games within the program. You just need to add all your computer games to the Smart Game Booster, it will start quickly and increase the performance of your game.

Smart Game Booster will also help optimizeyour system settings to improve the registry, disk subsystem performance and improve the Internet connection to maintain the stability of your system.

An equally important function is disk optimization. The utility will speed up your working computer with quick and easy disk defragmentation. Quick defragmentation and deep defragmentation solve problems such as a long response time, and also help to extend the life of the disk and make it difficult to lose saved files. For SSDs, the defragmentation procedure is useless, and even harmful!

In the Drivers section, you can easily updatedrivers. After all, an outdated driver is one of the main causes of glitches in the game, blue screen and system crash. The developers also taught the program to automatically search for outdated drivers, download and install the latest ones to provide you with improved visual and auditory gameplay on your computer.

So, if you want to feel tangibleperformance gain during computer games, optimizing the gameplay as much as possible, it's time to use the Smart Game Booster 4. Right now you can download it absolutely free on your computer from the official website. Declared support for Windows 10/8 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP. It has an intuitive interface, which means it is easy to use. Even a novice and non-advanced user can handle it, although there is no Russian interface here.

Problems like slow start, lowframe rate and low efficiency will finally be solved with this utility. And all this with just a few touches. You can enjoy the game as much as ever! Download and share the find with other gamers!