Smart ring will replace bank cards, money and keys

Digging up your keys or wallet when your hands are full is not a pleasant experience. New experimental smart

a 3D printed ring will replace both.

Now the metal ring is being developed by scientists from the Institute of Casting Technologies, Composites and Processing named after V.I. Fraunhofer in Germany as part of the larger Kinematam project.

The device contains a passive RFID tag(radio frequency identification), which is wirelessly powered by an electromagnetic pulse from a separate reader. The ring has an access code individual for each user. Since the device is powered on an as needed basis from the reader, it does not require an internal power source - a battery.

RFID ring can be used to open electronic door locks. Fraunhofer IGCV

When creating the device, scientists usedlaser beam for selectively melting metal powder. As it melts in a predetermined pattern, the metal particles merge together to form a ring, one solid layer at a time.

During this process, inside the ring remainscavity. Before the print job is completed, it is paused for the robot arm to place the RFID tag there. Then the printing process resumes, the label is sealed inside the ring by printing a layer of metal on top of it.

Although materials such as metal may create a barrier for RFID signals, the layer thickness on top of the tag does not exceed 1 mm, so this is not a problem.

In addition, the tag transmits its data to moreshorter than usual at 125 kilohertz. Under these conditions, the signal passes through the metal better than at a higher frequency. In addition, the walls of the cavity are designed to reflect radio waves of the tag outward through the metal.

Such smart rings (combined with localreaders) will eventually be used in everyday life to unlock doors, pay for purchases, or even transmit vital health information to first responders.

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RFID - a way of automatic identificationobjects in which data stored in so-called transponders or RFID tags are read or written by means of radio signals. Any RFID system consists of a reader and a transponder.