Smart watch FitMaster Aura

The budget line of smart watches from the Russian company Smarterra has replenished with a rather interesting model.

The accessory boasts a large color IPSdisplay, decent autonomy and the presence of various sensors that athletes will appreciate! I did not think that inexpensive smart watches in the price segment up to 1500 rubles are capable of such! More details in the review!

Smarterra FitMaster Aura


What is there to hide, FitMaster Aura smart watchmade in the form factor of Apple Watch. From afar, many will decide that you have an “apple” gadget on your wrist. But upon closer inspection, the differences are immediately apparent. First of all, the touch button, on the monitored gadget it is the main one, and with its help there is a switch on the menu items. Silicone strap has a classic lock. The strap itself is moderately hard, there is no discomfort when wearing, but I like softer ones, they are more pleasant. The display of Aura is rounded at the edges, which gives the device a note of style.


The manufacturer claims a rather long list of features, which is rare for smart watches up to 1,500 rubles.

  • Pedometer. Counting steps per day. Total step count for the entire observation time.
  • Training. Counting your daily exercises.
  • Heart rate sensor. Automatic counting of beats per minute.
  • SpO2 score. Measuring the level of blood oxygen saturation.
  • Blood pressure sensor. Blood pressure measurement.
  • Sleep monitoring. Track your sleep indications. Overview in the app.
  • Smart alarm clock. Installed in the application.
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Reminders of inaction.
  • Reminder to drink fluid.
  • AntiVor. The function allows you to notify you that the phone and watch have disconnected.
  • Search smartphone.
  • Camera activation by shaking the watch on the wrist.

Comparison with Apple Watch

As you can see, the range of capabilities of FitMaster Auraquite wide, but do not forget that this is a household appliance, and it is not professional. Therefore, you should not consider its readings as accurate as possible (we are talking about measuring SpO2 and blood pressure). It is worth noting that the steps of the watch are considered quite accurate.


  • display 1.3 ″ (33 mm), TFT IPS
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • RT3000 sensor
  • processor Telink TL8266
  • 150 mAh battery, autonomy up to 7 days. In fact, with active use about 5 days.
  • LEFUN Healt app for iOS and Android

A spoon of tar

As usual, budget devices always haveminuses. These are the compromises that engineers are forced to make for the sake of lowering prices. At FitMaster Aura, many users note a not very bright display. In bright sunshine, information is unreadable. The claim is justified, but acceptable for this price segment. Personally, I did not really like the vibration, it seemed rather loud.


Smart watches FitMaster Aura are worth their timeof money. Modern design, decent autonomy and wide functionality set the trend for success. Learn more about the gadget and find out where you can buy them on the official website.