Smart2Go: smart watches do not need batteries

The main problem of all electronic mobile and wearable gadgets without exception is the need for them

constantly recharge.Some gadgets several times a day. It's like a good old mechanical wristwatch - I was a little lazy, and it stopped, I forgot, because I had to wind it and turn the head. Then excellent electronic or electromechanical watches appeared (they were called quartz), which could run for years on a single battery. This was the golden age of wearable technology. Then they were replaced by mobile phones, smartphones and, finally, smart watches. And again they have to be monitored so that the charge does not fade away at the most inopportune time.

Is battery-free era coming?

However, technology does not stand still, andat least for a smart watch can change everything. The EU announced the launch of a new project Smart2Go. Within this project, specialists are working on a solution. Which they call independent power supply. And if they have everything burn out, this will mark a new era in the segment of wearable devices that do not need batteries, and users will not even have to think about charging them.

The Smart2Go project is a small part of morea large-scale program called Horizon 2020. The budget of this program is quite impressive - 80 billion EUR. The program is headed by the German company Fraunhofer FEP, which specializes in the creation of organic electronics. The partners also include the famous company Varta - one of the top energy storage industries. There is also a workwear manufacturer Helly Hensen and a number of research universities. At the April Wearable event, specialists from the Fraunhofer FEP will give details on the objectives of the program and their own work.

Energy of heat and movement

Smart2Go swung to create a completely newpower supply and power systems that will not need from external electrical sources. The initial press release states that the system will be based on the concept of collecting energy, and storing it in a powerful battery. However, this system will not be something monolithic, it will be made modular and very flexible, so that manufacturers can adapt it to a variety of gadgets. Modular components offer a wide range of energy collection options

The system can be used in a wide range.products, from smart watches and bracelets to the still emerging technologies, including smart patches. Under the methods of collecting energy, experts have in mind the use of a variety of sources, it will be including the heat of the human body, as well as the energy of its movement. Modularity will make the system suitable for different areas.

Of course, this is still the future, justresearch project. The technologies created within the framework of the program will not be immediately implemented in the consumer segment. But after a while they will be able to change a lot.

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