Smartphone and PC win: CD Projekt discontinues GVINT support on PS4 and Xbox One

CD Projekt decided to abandon the console version of GVINT, discontinuing support for the game due to the release of the project on

mobile platforms.

What is known

Already on December 9, developers will stopmaintain console "GVINT" updates and patches. According to CD Projekt, the game is available on PC, iOS, and will soon appear on Android, and the team does not have the strength to support four platforms at once. Since there is a larger audience on computers and smartphones, the developers decided to get rid of the version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For gamers, this means that since December 9, GVINTfor consoles will stop receiving updates and content supplements. CD Projekt will also disable monetization, taking away from players the ability to buy items for real money. In addition, the developers will remove the matchmaking of console players with users of other platforms.

It's time to move

Starting December 9th, CD Projekt will launch a page where players can send a request to transfer progress from the consoles to their GOG account.

Players will be able to save:

  • ornaments
  • meteorite dust
  • currency
  • cards,
  • decks
  • player levels
  • grades
  • Thronebreaker Awards
  • contracts.

At the same time, there are two conventions. Firstly, the transfer of content will only be allowed to those GOG accounts where there is no GVINT progress. Apparently, some players will have to create a new account. Secondly, only Xbox One players will be able to save meteorite dust, and PlayStation 4 users are advised by developers to spend it faster.

The transfer of progress will last six months - from December 9, 2019 to June 9, 2020. After the CD, Projekt completely freezes the game.

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