Smartphone Microsoft Andromeda: declassified characteristics of the flagship

Software giant Microsoft has been working on a new innovative

One of the latest names is Andromeda, and just the other day some specifications of the future flagship fromMicrosoft Corporation.

It is clear that the degree of reliability of theInformation is extremely difficult to verify, because the smartphone has not been announced, even the fact of the start of development has not been officially confirmed. In addition, the work on the device goes more than one year, and it’s not at all the fact that the development will not take as much time or even more.

Wccftech profile pad laid out somethe characteristics of the still unrepresented and, in general, the secret Andromeda smartphone, and judging by the specifications, the gadget will turn out to be top-notch with many features.

What showed

The future Microsoft smartphone, whatever its nameReceived, will have a widescreen display with an unnamed diagonal, but the resolution will be QHD + or 2880x1440. The recently announced Snapdragon 850 processor from Qualcomm will be installed as a motor (in fact, it is a revised Snapdragon 845 for connecting Windows platforms), the stone will operate at frequencies of almost 3 GHz, the Adreno 630 video accelerator is responsible for the graphics. LTE and fifth generation Bluetooth. As the OS, most likely, the smartphone will receive Windows CoreOS, which is a slightly cut version of the mobile Windows 10.

And today this is all that is known about the futureNo, no diagonal, no battery capacity, nothing about the cameras. All this while behind a veil of secrecy. It is also reported that the smartphone will have the Always-Connected technology, that is, the device will be able to work with any operators of any networks of any countries, providing customers with unlimited high-speed Internet at minimum rates. So far nothing is really known about the mechanism of operation of this function, it is assumed that the smartphone will be released early next year.

What to expect

Our fantasies paint us super-futuristicSmartphone with a fast and convenient operating system, a lot of incredible features and chips. And what happens in reality, only time will tell. It may happen that at the time of the release of the smartphone, all the characteristics listed above will already become obsolete, and the top devices will be completely different devices.

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