Smartphone Xiaomi 11T was at the center of a mysterious story

Judging by what is happening around the Xiaomi 11T series in the Russian market, the manufacturer himself feeds on this

семейству особые чувства.First, the Moscow office showed us a presentation, which could rather be called a half-hour feature film with product placement. Then we learned that Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro will be updated to MIUI 12.5 Enhanced not in a year, but in the coming weeks, and they will also receive premium service. And now the novelty has turned out to be the character of a new online game, the winner of which, in addition to the smartphone itself, will receive a unique super prize.

A page on called “Xiaomi 11T Movie Magic Game”, On which there is nothing but a call to google onthe above request and find the game of the same name. After the first part of the quest is completed, the main stage begins. To avoid spoilers, let's let you go through all the stages yourself and try your luck. Moreover, it is really worth fighting for such prizes.

Several dozen lucky ones will be awardedvaluable prizes from new Xiaomi products, and the main prize-winner will receive a Xiaomi 11T series smartphone and a unique super prize. The winner will be able to come to the Moscow Xiaomi Store and grab whatever he likes from the shelves within thirty seconds. All the products that he can carry in his hands will become his super prize. The game will run from November 8 to 11, the results will be announced on November 12. By the way, all adult citizens of Russia are allowed to participate: travel and accommodation will be paid for by nonresidents.

The start of sales of Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro in Russiascheduled for November 9th. Xiaomi 11T Pro will be available in 12 GB + 256 GB versions for 59,990 rubles and 8 GB + 128 GB for 53,990 rubles. Xiaomi 11T - in versions 8 GB + 128 GB for 44,990 rubles and 8 GB +256 GB for 49,990 rubles. Xiaomi 11T buyers will also get an extra gift - Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro.

Source: Xiaomi