Smartphones Nokia 7 Plus "merged" user data in China

In Finland, began an investigation into the company HMD Global, which manufactures smartphones under the brand Nokia.

The reason for the investigation was the complaints of the owners of Nokia 7 Plus that the gadgets transmit information about them to China.

What happened

On the "plum" reported NRK ("Norwegian broadcastingcorporation "), which received a" tip "from a regular user Henrik Ostad. He noticed that his Nokia 7 Plus regularly contacts an unknown server. The smartphone sent GPS coordinates, network information, device serial number and SIM card number of its owner to this server, and in unencrypted form.

As it turned out, the information was sent to the the domain, which is supposedly owned by the Chinese state-owned company China Telecom. "It is likely that this application is designed for the Chinese market, but it was accidentally distributed to Nokia 7 Plus phones outside of China," - noted in the NRK.

Already fixed

HMD Global confirmed that smartphonesreally transmitted data. The company explained that this is “software failure in a batch of one of the device models”. In this case, no personal information to third parties did not get.

Last month, this bug was fixed, almost all affected devices reinstalled the updated software.

Despite this, the data protection officerFinland Reyo Aarnio promised that the agency will investigate a possible violation of data security rules and examine the incident from a legal point of view.