Smartphones, smart watches, now smart school uniforms

Public schools in the Middle Kingdom have launched a project to use special school uniforms with

built-in sensors and chips thatmonitor student actions. Along with smartphones and smart watches, the smart form will transmit information about the movements of its owners. Why is such a form needed, what are teachers or school leaders going to keep track of?

  • If a student misses an activity, the form alerts the school management or a special commission. Leaving the class without teacher permission also activates the alert.
  • Built-in satellite navigation modules track all student movements in uniform throughout the country.

Smart cases

Beijing’s guidelines suggest organizingcalled smart corps, which will use similar technology. Already more than a dozen schools have prepared their own form, which is being developed by the Chinese company GGT. Just like adults at work - when entering the school, the system takes a short video of the student, fixing the date and time. These files will also be issued access to parents using a special mobile application. Now you do not miss, deceive parents will not work. And you won't send anybody in your place, either, because the system is equipped with cameras with face recognition function. So, the student will not be able to ask the other person to go to school in his uniform, or to bring it in a bag.

All classes missed by the student immediately becomeknown to parents as well as teachers. Getting out of school before your lessons run out includes an alert. The satellite system monitors student movements, even outside the school grounds. Microchips are integrated into the shoulders of clothes, withstand half a thousand washings. They also keep the temperature rise over a hundred degrees.

Do not sleep in class

Smart form will also monitor activity.students, if he fell asleep right on the lesson, the form will include an alert. All purchases in school stores and cafes are also controlled, you can set restrictions on them, this is also done using a special smartphone application.

In social networks, the developer noted that they are persecutedsolely for safety purpose. What tends to give parents an effective and intelligent approach to the methods of control over children, which is useful not only for parents but also for the students themselves. Security is now in the first place, the company manager gave an example: if in any school you ask security, how many students are there in the building, they will not be able to answer. With this form of information will be available and one hundred percent accurate.

Not everyone is happy

Despite serious marketing (and expensive)The work carried out by the company, many people express dissatisfaction with this system, especially in social networks a lot of negative. Parents do not want their children to be under close watch all 24 hours. Children have private life, they should leave their childhood.

Be that as it may, whether people like it or not, if the government announces that they need to wear it, they will buy and wear it.