Smartwatch Smarterra SmartLife ZEN

Let's continue the series of reviews of inexpensive fitness bracelets, and today we have a model from an ultra-budget one on the test

price segment. Smart watches under 1000 rubles, what are they capable of, what functions can they please the user for such a low price? The review of Smarterra SmartLife ZEN will reveal all the features of the new product!

Review of Smarterra SmartLife ZEN

Many users prefer the classicdesign of wearable accessories. That is why their choice often falls on the round form factor of the case. There are not many representatives of this format in the budget segment of smart watches. SmartLife ZEN is endowed with a similar design.


The round display is covered with 2.5D plastic glass. It looks fresh and from far away is much more expensive. Nearby, of course, it is clear that the device is budgetary and is completely made of plastic. The straps have a convenient lock in the style of Apple Watch and are made of soft and pleasant silicone (albeit thin). On the hand they are practically not felt.

SmartLife ZEN Features

The watch is endowed with sports functions and is capable ofmeasure the distance traveled by counting calories burned in parallel and building graphs in the application. Notifications from the smartphone are also displayed. Here is a list of the main features:

  • measurement of steps, distance traveled and calories burned
  • blood pressure and oxygen saturation
  • heart rate sensor
  • smartphone camera control
  • sports modes
  • notification from a smartphone (calls, sms, messenger notifications)


To synchronize your smartphone with your watch, you can use the Yoho Sports app (Android to iOS).It is simple and functional at the same time.You can view the archive of readings in the form of graphs, set an alarm, as well as make basic settings for the bracelet.


  • processor MX1003
  • RT3000 sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • 1.3" (33 mm) TFT IPS display
  • 130 mAh battery, autonomy about 7 days

What to count on

Undoubtedly, the watch belongs to the ultra-budgetwearable accessories segment and expect a lot from them. The case is plastic, the protective glass is also made of plastic, the vibration is quite loud, but for the price you can forgive all these shortcomings. Appearance is really captivating. If you need an inexpensive smart watch up to 1000 rubles, then Smarterra SmartLife ZEN can be considered for purchase. Detailed information can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.