Snapchat's new camera mode will allow you to create volumetric selfies

Snapchat continues to experiment with camera capabilities. This time a new mode appeared in the application,

which allows you to create 3D selfies.

More volume

Now owners of iPhone X or later canuse 3D Camera Mode and apply 3D effects, lenses and filters. People who view these pictures can move their smartphones to see the effect even without the iPhone X. A Snap spokeswoman says the feature will appear on other devices in the future.

Snap introduced 3D effects for the first time when it announced its latest version of Spectacles with two cameras. Effects and filters add confetti, streaks of light and various animations.

Volumetric selfies, like other photos from Snapchat, can be published in other applications. But then users will not be able to change the perspective of the image by turning the phone.