Snowbrawl: a commercial shot by the director of "Deadpool-2" on the camera iPhone 11 Pro

American director David Leitch ("Deadpool 2", "John Wick", "The Fast and the Furious" Hobbs and Shaw") filmed a new film for Apple


What is known

The video is called Snowbrawl and it is completelyShot on an iPhone 11 Pro camera. Also, to create the video, we used third-party equipment (tripods, all kinds of holders, etc.) and additional software. The video shows a group of teenagers having a snowball fight. Everything is shot in the style of action films with a lot of slow-motion scenes. It looks very epic.

Apple even published a video on how to create ads:

If you suddenly forgot

Let us remind you that the iPhone 11 Pro has a triple maincamera. The main module is a 12 MP wide-angle lens. It is complemented by an ultra-wide-angle lens, also 12 MP, and a telephoto lens with f/2.0 aperture and support for 2x zoom. The camera has OIS and night mode.

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