Soft robots have a "heart", it works in the same way as a human

Soft robots, like animals, need a circulatory system to help store energy and nourish

different parts of the device, to perform complex tasks.

To do this, the engineers made an elastomeric pump, which consists of a soft silicone tube and coils of wire - solenoids, they are located around the device at a short distance from each other.

The gaps between the coils allow the pipe to bend andstretch. Inside the tube is a solid magnet core, around which is magnetorheological fluid - it solidifies under the influence of a magnetic field to hold the core in the center and create the necessary seal.

Pump device

Depending on how the magnetic field is applied, the core of the magnet can move back and forth like a piston that pushes out liquids such as water or oil.

The researchers conducted an experiment and showed thattheir pumping system can work continuously. The authors tracked performance parameters in order to adapt their design to different types of robots.

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