Solar panels will appear on all new buildings in the EU from 2029

The EU wants to accelerate the large-scale deployment of solar energy. According to the plan of the European Commission, by 2030

half of the energy in the EU will come from renewable sources, more than double the current amount. It will cost hundreds of billions of euros.

As part of this plan, the EU has taken several measuresranging from doubling the pace of heat pump adoption to creating "priority" zones for renewables. Among these measures, the European Commission has also put forward the “solar roofs” initiative, which makes it mandatory to install solar panels on new public and commercial buildings, as well as new residential buildings from 2029.

As part of the REPowerEU plan, the EU intends to introduceoperating more than 320 GW of solar PV by 2025 and almost 600 GW by 2030. In 2020, solar energy accounted for about 5% of the total electricity production in the EU. To reach the 2030 target, the EU will need to install an average of 45 GW per year.

To achieve this goal, the EU is making a big betto the "solar roof initiative". By some estimates, rooftop photovoltaics could supply almost 25% of electricity consumption in the EU. According to the EU, these installations can be deployed quickly and still protect consumers from high electricity prices.

To this end, the EU will create a support framework for systemson rooftops, including in combination with energy storage and heat pumps, based on predictable payback periods that do not exceed 10 years. It is expected that after the first year of implementation of the plan, 19 TWh of electricity will be generated, and by 2025 - 58 TWh of electricity.

The European Commission also wants to increase the currenttarget to reduce energy consumption by 2030 through energy efficiency from 9% to 13%. She also urges governments to implement policies to increase energy efficiency, such as lowering taxes on energy efficient heating systems and thermal insulation of buildings.

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