Some Apple Suppliers Halt Operations Amid China's Energy Crisis

Some Apple suppliers are now curtailing production amid the Chinese energy crisis.

crisis, which led to rising prices and the introductiongovernment restrictions on consumption. This comes just days after Apple launched the best-ever iPhone, and the company needs to keep the supply chain running as smoothly as possible.

Who stopped

According to a new Nikkei report, one ofApple suppliers Eson Precision Engineering have already completely stopped production and will resume work only by the end of the week. Another supplier, Unimicron Technology, has stopped production in two cities until the end of the month. The company plans to increase capacity at other plants to try to offset the decline in production.

However, Pegatron, an extremely important collectoriPhone claims to be unaffected by recent changes. (Let's cross our fingers that not everyone here has already gotten their hands on the new iPhone 13 to replace the hopelessly outdated iPhone 12). The problem is driven by rising prices for gas and coal, while the government is also seeking to reduce the amount of energy consumed, the report says.

What are the prospects

It is unclear whether this will have a direct impact onApple's production plans. The company recently released a new iPhone 13 line, and also introduced new iPad and iPad mini tablets. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 7 will be released in the next few weeks.

Source: nikkei

Illustrations: dhahi alsaeedi

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