Sonic The Hedgehog's new trailer released with an updated Sonic design and fans are happy

Paramount Pictures released the new official Sonic The Hedgehog trailer, featuring an updated Sonic design.

As it is now

Surprisingly, the filmmakers listened tofans and made the hero more like a game incarnation of a blue hedgehog. If in the first version Sonic looked like a hybrid of a man and a hedgehog, causing nightmares among fans, now the hero evokes nostalgia for SEGA games and cartoons.

In the comments, fans of the series already thankParamount Pictures. One of the users of YouTube wrote that now "he is morally obliged to watch the film several times, because the studio listened to the comments of the fans." The positive reaction of the audience is also shown by the ratio of “likes” to “dislikes”.

Fan Comments

“We need to take time to appreciate the efforts of artists who were probably killed by remaking this redesign,” wyllyam johnson responded.

"What is it?! Does a Hollywood studio listen to fans, rather than offend them? ! I'm still in the same time period ??? ”, A Frustrated Gamer wonders.

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Sonic: hold my rings, ”Mohammed Ahmed joked.

“Thanks to Paramount for listening!” Thanks to the artist, who must have spent a crazy amount of time to fix it, ”wrote

Sonic fans sounded the alarm duringThe first leak of the presentation, which showed the first design of the hero. Fans were surprised that Paramount Pictures did not take the canonical design of the hero, because in the same "Pikachu" they used a cartoony version of Pokemon and it looked organically on the screen.

Compare the old and new Sonic:

Fortunately, Paramount quickly realized it andafter the release of the first official trailer, they announced on Twitter that the design will be changed. Then the fans ran into the comments and left images of the correct Sonic in their opinion. Apparently, from there the designers drew inspiration.

Sonic The Hedgehog movie will be shown in cinemasalready February 14, 2020. Sonic will be played by Ben Schwartz, voiced by Willie in Duck Tales. The role of Dr. Robotnik went to Jim Carrey, and James Marsden, the Cyclops from X-Men, will play a new friend of the blue hedgehog.

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