Sony announced the release date of the PlayStation 5, announcing a new controller for the console

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan took to the official PlayStation Blog to talk about the release date

PlayStation 5 and new controller.

What is known

Just for show, Ryan decided to point out thatSony's new console will be called PlayStation 5. Not that gamers doubt it, but the company has previously referred to the console as the next generation PlayStation.

The second significant message was the announcement of the start datesales According to Ryan, the PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves during the "holidays of 2020." Judging by the comments of American gamers, this is what companies call the Christmas holiday period, so we will be able to buy the console in January 2021.

Finally, Jim talked about the new controller forPlayStation 5. The main change in the next generation of the mouse will be “haptic feedback”, which will replace the standard vibration. According to Ryan, players will experience a wider range of response that will more accurately convey textures and actions.

Tactile feedback will also appear in triggersL2/R2. Developers can program the resistance of the triggers so that you feel the tactile sensation of an arrow being fired from a bow or an SUV driving over rocky terrain.