Sony decided: a remake of MediEvil for PS4 received a new release date and trailer

Sony showed another episode of State of Play, during which gamers saw a new trailer for the re-release of MediEvil for

PlayStation 4 and release date.

What is known

According to the video, an improved version of the game 1998will be released on October 25, 2019, exclusively for Sony consoles. So you can celebrate Halloween in the company of Sir Daniel Fortescue. Players will find a redrawn environment from scratch, new animations, as well as classic gameplay and plot. Sony noted that new details about the MediEvil remake for PS4 will appear closer to release, but gamers can already pre-order it on the PlayStation Store.

If you have forgotten

MediEvil is an action-adventure game about a brave sirDanielle Fortescue. In 1286, the knight defended the kingdom from the attack of the army of the sorcerer Zarok. Despite being killed by the first arrow, Fortescue's army defeated the evil wizard, but 100 years later the sorcerer returned. The villain resurrected his army and attacked the kingdom again. Together with his comrades, Zarok also resurrected Sir Daniel Fortescue, who decides to regain his honor and glory.