Sony has finally added its cool noise reduction to low-cost headphones! What have you saved and is it worth taking?

FerraSony WH-XB900N evaluation at the end of the conveyor life of Sony's flagship noise-canceling headphones WH-1000XM3

released the WH-XB900N - also withnoise reduction, the same in appearance and still cool in performance, but cheaper. Today we will tell you what the real difference is from an expensive model and share your impressions of using that you can’t get from photos or tables with specifications.

Table of contents

  • Appearance and management
  • Wireless connectivity and features
  • Noise suppression
  • Sound
  • Results

Appearance and management

The design of all the “cool” Sony monitor headphonesthe type has not changed for two years, since the sensational Sony MDR-1000X in 2017. The sensation was that they were one of the first headphones with active noise reduction (active is when the microphones in the headphones pick up noise and then muffle it due to, so to speak, antiphase), which produced audiophile-quality sound. Headphones with active noise reduction are usually ideologically produced like fat-free sour cream or non-alcoholic beer - the product seems to be similar to the original one, but something is wrong, and headphones without noise crush sound better. Sony in 2017 changed this situation.

After that, all the same Sony MDR-1000X improved andreleased under the name ... WH-1000XM2 (yes, with the naming of technology, Sony initially had a mess). With new colors, slightly different keys and taking into account such flaws when making noise, such as poor headphone contact due to glasses or hair. A year later, the WH-1000XM3 changed the case materials from plastic imitation under the skin to honest matte plastic, changed the charging connector from micro-USB to USB-C, slightly reduced the weight of the headphones and fine-tuned the noise canceling. A wonderful model, which, however, started at a price of 30 thousand rubles and because of this, not everyone could afford it.

And finally, at the end of 2019, Sony releases the WH-XB900N - about the same thing, but cheaper and not with transcendental, but with “earthly” sound characteristics.