Sony has opened a film studio for the film adaptation of PlayStation exclusives

Sony Interactive Entertainment has founded its own studio, which will be engaged in the production of films on games.

What is known

The division called PlayStation Productions, andhe was headed by Assad Kizilbash, vice president of marketing for SIE. The project will be overseen by chairman of the company Sean Leiden. According to Kizilbash, Sony developers will better cope with the production of TV shows and movies based on games for the PlayStation, because they know what the audience wants.

“Instead of licensing our IP forstudios, we realized that the best option would be to develop and manufacture on our own. Firstly, because we are better acquainted with the original source, and secondly, we know that the PlayStation community loves, ”Kizilbash says.

PlayStation Productions executives are notthey told us which of the exclusive projects would be the first to hit the film, but they hinted that a couple of films were already in production. Leiden and Kizilbash also noted that the format will depend on the story. So, the fantasy of screenwriters can turn God of War into a TV series, and from Uncharted make a blockbuster, competing with Tomb Raider.

"The real problem is howto transfer 80 hours of gameplay to the movie? The answer is no way. You need to take the spirit and write specifically for the audience. Don't try to retell the game in the movie, ”said Leiden.

Recall that Sony is already engaged in the production of a film based on Uncharted.