Sony has patented two VR technologies for viewers.

Sony decided to make eSports competitions more fun and patented two new technologies for

virtual reality.

What is known

The first patent talks about imitationthe presence of a player at an event in the real world using a VR headset. For example, a player can be “seated” in a crowd of fans at an eSports match, where he not only saw the competition itself, but also heard the roar of the crowd.

With its second patent, Sony plans to revivevirtual viewers by adding avatars from the player’s friends list to the crowd. The company decided that it would be more fun if the gamer was cheered on not by the characters, but by his friends or relatives.

Avatars can be close to their real onessamples or computer figures, the appearance of which will be chosen by the audience themselves. In addition, you can watch what is happening live using a VR headset or watch “pre-programmed clips.”

Let us remember that last time Sony patented glasses with eye-tracking technology for PlayStation VR.