Sony has hinted that another character will be added to Apex Legends soon

The Untamed Frontier season has begun in Apex Legends, adding a battle pass and a named fighter to the game

Octane. Still, this is not all the content of the first season, and in the next 12 weeks, gamers can meet another hero.

What is known

The developers from Respawn never specifiednumber of new characters for each season, but thanks to Sony, we learned that this time there will be two characters. The description for the Indomitable Frontier season says that along with rewards and cosmetic improvements, gamers can expect “two new characters.” So Apex Legends will be adding another hero to its roster of fighters before the end of the season, which is due to arrive in June.

Dataminers have already leaked 10 characters in advance, butit is possible that Wattson will join the list this season. A streamer with the nickname Shroud admitted that he participated in testing Apex Legends, and even then the developers let him play as Octane and Wattson. According to him, these Respawn characters were being prepared for the first season, so they ended up in the test version of the game. There is little information about the character yet, but we already know that the fighter’s main weapon will be electricity.