Sony is working on a folding smartphone Xperia F 5G with a screen 21:18

The network has information that the Japanese manufacturer Sony is working on their first folding smartphone.

What is known

The first details shared editionSumahoinfo, citing its source. According to the leak, the device received an OLED display made by Samsung with an unusual aspect ratio of 21:18. In the current flagship smartphone Xperia 1, this figure is 21: 9, which means the novelty, in fact, is similar to two such devices.

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Based on the name of the smartphone (Xperia F 5G), it is,like Huawei Mate X, will receive the support of the fifth generation network. The device, if you believe the leak, will be presented in 2020 with the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) game console. Other details about the new product yet.