Sony is working on a holographic display for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles

Sony has patented its own holographic display, which will adapt to the user.


According to LetsGoDigital, Sony InteractiveEntertainment has filed a holographic screen patent with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). The document states that the new holographic display works autonomously and will not force the user to wear 3D glasses.

To create a holographic effect, Sonyuses a light emitter and micromirrors that can change angle to reflect light. The emitted light is modulated to create a 3D effect for the observer. The patent states that the mirrors will move based on commands from a microcontroller that works in tandem with eye tracking technology.

The device also has built-in sensors that determine the number of viewers, the user’s distance from the screen and the brightness level of the lighting.






Sensors will monitor the player and adjustimage under its position. So the user does not have to sit still and only look straight ahead. In addition, the patent states that the device can project a different image format for each viewer. For example, one user may receive a 3D image while another receives a 2D image.

Moreover, the patent states that the display will be compatible not only with PlayStation, but also with Microsoft and Nintendo consoles, as well as manufacturers of VR devices, TVs and other electronics.