Sony patented PlayStation Assist, an AI-assisted voice assistant

Sony continues to develop gaming direction and has registered a patent for voice assistant for


What is known

PlayStation Assist will not only manageprefix, performing voice commands, and help the player in passing. For example, an “assistant” can tell the location of the nearest first aid kit, a recipe for creating a sword, or tell more information about the character.

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Moreover, the PlayStation Assist will understandcontext, giving out information about the game that the user is playing. The system will compare the questions with the prepared answers, and the built-in artificial intelligence and machine learning will help not to be mistaken.

The patent also mentions an application fora smartphone with which players can request information. Answers or additional information may also be displayed on the device screen. Reminds voice assistant Himself from Ubisoft, which monitors the progress and can also throw a couple of tips on the game.