Sony patented PlayStation VR glasses with eye tracking technology

Sony decided to take care of gamers who play VR and wear eyeglasses.

What is known


filed back in December 2017, but publishedits only in early April already in 2019. Sony decided to deal with the problem of wearing glasses along with a VR-headset with eye tracking technology. Additional lenses of glasses create blurring, reflection and other disturbances for sensors that interfere with correct calculations.

Solve the problem plan with the help of glasses withbuilt-in tracker. As planned by Sony, the eye will not be tracking the VR headset, but glasses with sensors. The device will recognize whether the user is wearing a helmet, turn on the necessary sensors, and then transfer the received information to the “helmet”. The first generation of PlayStation VR did not receive eye tracking technology, so the patent is likely to come in handy for the second version of the Sony headset.

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Note that the company has already registered ideas fornext generation virtual reality helmet. In January 2018, Sony spotted controllers for the VR headset, and a gamepad motion tracking technology that they plan to integrate into the helmet display.