Sony PlayStation 5 hacked, but there is a nuance (many nuances)

The Sony PlayStation 5 will soon be two years old. The hackers tried to mark this event with a working exploit,

allowing you to get root rights and access topirated content. This happened a few days after the vulnerability was reported by an enthusiast close to Sony, who pointed out a loophole known since the days of the PlayStation 4. Now a group of specialists has published the necessary tools for hacking, but there are nuances that reduce its value to zero.

First, the method works on iOS 4.03, released a year ago. Given the supply issues, it's unlikely that there are a large number of non-updated consoles somewhere. Secondly, at this stage, the exploit is unstable, works in 30% of cases and can crash, so it is more focused on developers. Given the above, as well as the fact that Sony is aware of the vulnerability, it is unlikely that this particular project will receive a wider implementation, but the search will definitely continue. Will it succeed? That's another question.

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