Sony: PlayStation 5 will save players money and help save the Earth

Sony has joined the Playing for the Planet alliance, consisting of companies that work for the benefit of the environment


What is known

In the Official PlayStation Blog, Presidentand SIE CEO Jim Ryan revealed that the PlayStation 5 will consume less power. This applies to standby mode, when the console operates at a reduced frequency, maintaining the game. According to Ryan, Sony estimates the PS5's sleep mode consumption to be around 0.5 watts. This will not only help save gamers money, but will also have a positive impact on the environment.

“If just one million users enabled this feature, it would save the equivalent of the average electricity consumption of 1,000 American homes,” Ryan said.

The SIE boss also revealed that the company willbetter inform players about the console's energy-saving features. In addition, Sony plans to release applications for PlayStation VR that will “raise awareness of climate issues.”

“Leaders in the gaming industry have the opportunitysupport the UN Environment team by communicating the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations. At PlayStation, we believe games have the power to ignite social change by educating people, evoking emotion and instilling hope,” Ryan wrote.