Sony released a 10.3-inch tablet with a display of E Ink


Sony has been creating and selling large 13.3-inch tablets with displays for several years now.

electronic paper E Ink. The Digital Paper line of tablets is equipped with an active stylus that is pressure sensitive. Now the manufacturer is bringing a junior model to the market.

A4 format is changed to A5

Until recently, Sony has released devicesDigital Paper with a display that corresponded to the format of an A4 printed sheet, i.e. 13.3 inches, but now the company decided that it was time to try a smaller paper format, for example, A5. While it will be available only in the home market, the start of sales is scheduled for early summer. The cost of the tablet in Japan will be $ 650, which is slightly less than the price of the latest model of the A4 display format. However, there is another competitor to Boox Note from Onyx, which costs almost a hundred dollars cheaper in European markets.

What are they that such exorbitant prices,some will ask. And the whole thing in the display, it is made by technology E Ink, which has its own characteristics and advantages. The main advantages are the high sensitivity of the screen, its economy, it consumes almost no energy, and then, the maximum contrast, the eyes do not get tired, this display does not flicker. The quality of the picture is not inferior to this paper, everything is clear and almost physically real. On this screen, you can write with a stylus, as in a regular notebook. For example, a Kindle costs $ 80, and sales are simply exorbitant.

The DPT-C1 tablet has a screen resolution of 1872x1404,the thickness is less than six millimeters, and this rather big tablet weighs only two hundred grams. Tablet drive has a capacity of 16 gigabytes, which is enough to store more than ten thousand documents in PDF format. From the connectors it has a micro USB, through it you can connect the tablet to a computer, the WiFi module, the fourth generation Bluetooth are installed, and there is also an NFC chip for contactless payments. As a motor, there is a 4-core IAP140 processor from Marvell, a rechargeable battery provides a device operation time not less than a month, with an average intensity of use.

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