Sony released PlayStation 3 a year later than Xbox 360 due to details for five cents

PlayStation 3 reached the Japanese market on November 11, 2006, when the Xbox 360 hit the year. Microsoft overtakes Sony by launching

the seventh generation before, but history could go a different way, if not for one piece worth five cents.

What is known

IGN interviewed the general managerGoogle Phil Harrison, who before working on Stadia managed to participate in the development of the PlayStation 3. Harrison said that Sony originally planned to release its third console earlier, closer to the Xbox 360, but one detail prevented it - a laser diode.

PlayStation 3 released with a built-in Blu-ray-drive. Then Sony switched to blue diodes, which were just not enough for large-scale console production.

“The thing that really slowed downiron production, has become a small component - a laser diode on a Blu-ray drive. Yes, it costs something in the region of five cents. In this particular case, the transition from the red laser to the blue one was a very important change that related to the operation of the optical laser, ”Harrison said.

Despite the late release of the PlayStation 3 was ableovertake the Xbox 360 in sales. As of 2017, Sony sold 87.4 million consoles, while Microsoft sold 86 million. At the same time, both consoles were given to Nintendo, selling 101 million Wii consoles.

Phil Harrison doesn't often “shine” at presentations,but he has 15 years as an executive producer of Sony and three years at Microsoft. At Sony Computer Entertainment of America, he was responsible for collaborating with third-party studios, and he helped Microsoft promote exclusive games. Since January 2018, Harrison has been working on Google Stadia as a product manager.

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