Sony: remake of MediEvil feels like Dark Souls with high complexity and big bosses

After a trailer about the features of the re-release of MediEvil, material appeared on the PlayStation blog

with gameplay details.

What is known

Sony Interactive Entertainment Blog JournalistEurope (SIEE) managed to test the updated MediEvil and shared his impressions. According to the author, the game "feels like Dark Souls." Such a comparison of the player was prompted by complexity, dangerous enemies that could return Sir Fortescue back to the grave, and battles with big bosses.

A pioneer also said that levels inMediEvil are built on the principle of a maze with secret rooms. It is possible that in secret locations a weapon will be hidden with which the main character will expand his arsenal. Still, some of the weapons will be temporary, such as destructible shields and throwing knives.

Screenshots were also posted on the PlayStation blog so players can compare the graphics of the original and reprints: