Sony removed The Last of Us 2 from the PlayStation Store and refunded pre-order money

Last week, Sony announced the release of The Last of US: Part 2 was paired with Iron Man VR. No new deadlines

and it seems that the release will not come soon.

What is known

PlayStation Store lost exclusive Iron ManVR and The Last of Us 2. Sony removed both games from the store, preventing new users from pre-ordering. In addition, as noted by Game Rant, gamers who managed to purchase Iron Man VR and The Last of Us 2 in advance automatically received a refund.

Sony is not the first to postpone the release of exclusives, butremoval from the store is more like an extreme measure. Perhaps the logistics problems Naughty Dog talked about turned out to be more serious. At the same time, the Ghost of Tsushima remains untouched, but according to insiders, gamers are waiting for more transfers in the coming weeks.

It is worth noting that CD Projekt is still notspeaks about the next transfer of Cyberpunk 2077, and the game will be released on September 17. According to Adam Kichinsky, the company has prepared for difficulties and there will be no more delays. In addition, the Poles increased the number of employees to 1111 people, of which only 16% work in GOG.

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