Sony showed the gameplay remake of MediEvil: comparison with Dark Souls is now irrelevant

Sony missed E3 and gamescom, but decided to take a look at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Moreover, the company did not come empty-handed,

and the gameplay of MediEvil.

What showed

In the 10-minute video hit the "clean" gameThe process of the Japanese version of the game without comment. As the developers promised, gamers are waiting for familiar levels, but with improved graphics and animations. Last time, a PlayStation Blog journalist said that the updated MediEvil feels like Dark Souls, but out of the total in these games, only the main character has a sword.

Recall that the events of the game take place inKingdom of Galloumire. Sorcerer Zarok resurrects the army of the dead along with Sir Daniel Fortescue, who died in the last battle with the sorcerer. Now the knight wants revenge and goes to meet Zarok.

Released MediEvil October 25 on PlayStation 4 and inA digital store is already available pre-order games. Gamers who pre-purchase the standard edition will receive 10 avatars for the PSN. Owners of the Deluxe edition will receive avatars, a set of armor, an art book, a comic book, a soundtrack and a theme for the PS4.