Sony talked about the possible cost of the PlayStation 5

Sony Chief Architect Mark Serni revealed the first details about the PlayStation 5 yesterday. In an interview with Wired, he told

about the insides of the console and some features, but did not remember the price of the device.

What is known

As it turned out, the journalist asked Serni about the cost, but Sony asked this part to cut. Yet the author of Wired shared a passage on Twitter. Then the architect of the PlayStation said that:

"I believe that we will be able to release the console in the framework of the estimated cost, which will be attractive to gamers, taking into account the expanded set of functions"

For such a vague wording may be hidinghint of value increase. Serni himself did not deny the possible increase in prices, but said nothing more. Experience shows that Sony announces the price of a new console after the official announcement, so Serni's silence is not surprising.