Sony will update the trophy system on the PlayStation 4, and here's what to live with

Sony explained the main innovations in the system with the PlayStation trophy, which will come with the next update.

What's new

Sony raised the trophy levels first. Now they vary from 1 to 999. With the arrival of the update, the existing prizes will be recalculated for the new system. For example, if your trophy level is now 12, then after the innovation it will rise to about 200. The exact level will depend on the number and estimates of the trophies received.

At the same time, Sony will not make changes to the trophies already earned, such as unlock requirements.

“We have introduced a new system for calculating the leveltrophies, which is more optimized and useful. Players will progress through the first levels faster, and progress will become more stable. Platinum trophies will count more as you level up, making them even more valuable, ”writes SIE Product Manager Toshimasa Aoki.

Later, gamers will receive a modified appearance.icons for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation App. In addition, Aoki noted that all prizes earned on other PlayStation systems are automatically transferred to the PlayStation 5.

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