Soon Xiaomi will start delivering laptops to Russia

Xiaomi is going to start shipping its laptops to Russia. At least that's what the sources say.

"Izvestia". Believe them or not, decide for yourself. Discuss

That Xiaomi will start to officially shiplaptops to Russia, Izvestia was told by a source in a partner company of the Chinese vendor. And not only him, an employee of one of the retailers and “a person familiar with the managers of several electronics manufacturers” have the same information. Among other things, as the publication notes, M.Video-Eldorado intends to sell Xiaomi laptops.

It remains to wait until the end of November, because that's when the Chinese Xiaomi can officially start importing laptops to Russia, according to sources.

So far, Xiaomi has officially supplied smartphones, accessories and small household appliances to the country.