Source: Amazon will release a competitor to Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud

Cloud gaming services have been around for about a decade, but only in recent years have large companies

became interested in technology. Google and Sony have already launched their platforms, Microsoft is just getting ready, and Amazon is running after it.

What is known

According to CNET's source, Amazon is planningrelease its own cloud gaming service, a competitor to Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud. The “trading giant” already owns the Twitch streaming platform and even sells games with accompanying accessories, so the company’s plans are not surprising.

According to people familiar with Amazon's plans,the corporation is already hiring employees from Microsoft. In addition, the company is adding to the Amazon Web Services team for a “new initiative” that is also related to the cloud service. According to the source, Amazon plans to announce and launch the service in 2020. The company even began negotiating with developers, putting together a starting line of projects.

Amazon will have to fight

If the rumors are true, and Amazon reallylaunches its own gaming service, then the company will have to compete for the attention of the audience. Google has already launched Stadia, and despite the controversial launch, it can gain a foothold in the market. In addition, a free subscription will be released in 2020, which will attract even more gamers. Don't forget about PlayStation Now, which has dropped in price and been replenished with new exclusive Sony games.

Project xCloud will also stand in the way of the Amazon service.which Microsoft is already testing in its native lands. Moreover, according to rumors, Valve is also developing its own gaming cloud service, so Amazon will have to try really hard.

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