Source: Capcom will release a remake of Resident Evil 3 until the end of 2020

In the latest quarterly report, Capcom boasted the success of the updated Resident Evil 2. The company even decided

back to the old intellectualproperty to release remakes more often. Therefore, the release of the modern version of Resident Evil 3 was only a matter of time, which can be solved faster than expected.

What is known

If you believe the YouTube blogger Spawn Wave, then Capcom has already launched the development of the remake of Resident Evil 3. The guy’s words were confirmed by sources of foreign publications, including Eurogamer and VGC.

“I’m trying to figure out when this can be announced, but it's nice to hear that the remake of Resident Evil 3 actually exists. They [Capcom] are currently developing it, ”says YouTube.

According to sources, a remake of Resident Evil 3may come out even earlier than fans expect, and Capcom will present the game in 2020. It is possible that the next updated part of the series will be released in September 2020, in honor of the 21st anniversary of the game. Capcom has been waiting for "coming of age" for the remake of Resident Evil 2 and can do the same with the third part.

Spawn Wave also noted that the remake of Resident Evil 3 is being developed on the RE Engine, which became the basis for Resident Evil 7 and the updated second part of the series.

In a recent quarterly report, Capcom saidthat the remake of Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 showed excellent results. Thus, 4.2 million people bought the zombie horror, and 2.1 million gamers spent on new adventures of Dante and Nero. The indicators not only revived the company's faith in the Devil May Cry series, but also motivated to engage more actively in remakes.

“Our initiatives are to (1)strengthen digital sales, (2) strengthen our line of games through the full-scale implementation of our 60-month and 52-week cards, and (3) awaken dormant intellectual property, ”Capcom writes in its report.

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