Source: “clamshell” Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be released with the Galaxy S11 and will cost less Motorola RAZR

Details continue to appear on the net about Samsung's next folding smartphone.

What is it this time

According to a source in Korea Herald,“Clamshell” is announced in February along with the flagship line of smartphones Galaxy S11. The manufacturer plans to sell 6 million of such devices in 2020. Naturally, this will have to reduce the cost of the device. If the current Galaxy Fold costs $ 2000, then the Galaxy Fold 2 is credited with a price tag of $ 850. For comparison, its closest competitor, Motorola RAZR, costs almost twice as much - $ 1,500.

Recall Galaxy Fold 2 passes under the codeBloom name and model number SM-F700F. The device will receive two displays: a flexible main one at 6.7 or 6.8 inches with a hole for the front camera, like the Galaxy Note 10 and an additional one on the outside. The novelty will also be equipped with two batteries with fast charging at 25 watts. The capacity of one of the batteries will be only 900 mAh.

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