Source: “clamshell” Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be released with the Galaxy S11 and will cost less Motorola RAZR

Details about Samsung's next foldable smartphone continue to emerge online.

What is it this time

According to a source from the Korea Herald,The “folding phone” will be announced in February along with the flagship line of Galaxy S11 smartphones. The manufacturer plans to sell 6 million such devices in 2020. Naturally, this will require reducing the cost of the device. If the current Galaxy Fold costs $2000, then the Galaxy Fold 2 has a price tag of $850. For comparison, its closest competitor, the Motorola RAZR, costs almost twice as much at $1,500.

Let us remind you that Galaxy Fold 2 passes under the codecalled Bloom and model number SM-F700F. The device will have two displays: a flexible main one of 6.7 or 6.8 inches with a hole for the front camera, like the Galaxy Note 10, and an additional one on the outside. The new product will also be equipped with two batteries with 25 W fast charging. The capacity of one of the batteries will be only 900 mAh.

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