Source: LG to Exit Mobile Business on April 5

Information has appeared on the network more than once that LG is going to exit the mobile business. Now

The Korea Times has shared new details.

What is known

According to the source, the Korean manufactureris preparing a statement on the closure of its mobile unit. The press release is due on April 5th. That is Monday. After that, the company plans to focus on other products. Workers of the mobile unit will be transferred to factories for the production of household appliances. As for software updates, they will most likely stop arriving on devices, like security patches.

Recall that LG has been negotiating for some time aboutthe sale of business with the Vietnamese conglomerate VinGroup and even the German automaker Volkswagen, but they failed. The company's mobile business has been in the red for about 6 years. The manufacturer tried to change this by releasing smartphones with a new design and unusual form factors, but they did not bring success. One of the company's recent projects was the LG Wing with a T-shaped swivel body and two screens, as well as the Rollable "stretchable" smartphone.

Source: The Korea Times

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